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Islamic Clothing - How to Feel Beautiful Inside and Out With A Hijab

Although it is primarily a way of practicing religious obligations, wearing a hijab has become somewhat of a fashion trend, and its popularity has gone mainstream in Muslim countries. It just shows...

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Islamic Clothing Requirements and Restrictions - What to Know

When it comes to how Muslims dress, there are strict requirements and restrictions to adhere to. Many groups see these dress customs as controlling and degrading, particularly to women. Some countries have...

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The Hijab - What to Know About Islamic Clothing

In Western cultures, or anywhere that isn’t directly related to Middle Eastern culture, the traditional dress such as the hijab is often seen as a red warning sign of oppression. Many understand...

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Islamic Clothing for Men in 2019 - Our Guide

The modest clothing worn by the men and women in the Middle East reflects the multi-faceted and colorful culture of the country. When it comes to making a fashion statement, each thread...

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A Guide to Common Islamic Clothing for Women

Islamic clothing varies by country, culture, religion, tribe, and even personal preference. Most Muslim clothes usually follow strict design and styles, particularly the ones worn by women. Most clothes for Muslim women...

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A Guide to Islamic Clothing For Muslim Men

Islamic clothing puts a lot of emphasis on modesty, because of what the holy book, the Quran, says. Most non-Muslims are aware that Muslim women must dress conservatively. As much as possible,...

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