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A Guide to Islamic Clothing For Muslim Men

Islamic clothing puts a lot of emphasis on modesty, because of what the holy book, the Quran, says. Most non-Muslims are aware that Muslim women must dress conservatively. As much as possible, they must stick to conservative and traditional clothing. They can be trendy and stylish within reason, but they should take care not to go overboard.

That being said, did you know that this sense of modesty in Islamic clothing applies to Muslim men as well? It is worth noting that Islamic teachings regarding modesty are meant for both men and women. Muslim are supposed to wear traditional Islamic attire, pieces that are loose-fitting and long and cover the whole body. However, these clothes vary from country to country.

Here’s what you need to know about the four types of Islamic clothing for men:


Let’s start with the thobe. A thobe is a long robe worn by Muslim men with a top that is usually tailored like a shirt, ankle-length, and loose. In terms of color, it is typically white. However, it can be found in other colors too, particularly during winter. Its name varies depending on the country of origin. In Kuwait or Kandourah they call it a dishdasha, which is common in the United Arab Emirates.

Ghutra and Egal

Next is the ghutra and egal. This combo consists of a rectangular or square headscarf worn by men. A rope band used to fasten it. You should take note of the differences between these two items. The ghutra is the headscarf, which is usually white or checkered (in red and white or black and white). The egal is the rope band, which is optional to wear. Most Muslim men take time to iron and starch their scarves in order to maintain a neat shape.


The bisht is another common clothing item for Muslim men. This piece of clothing is a dressier men's cloak and is sometimes worn over the thobe. People in positions of power, such as high-level government officials and religious leaders usually wear this particular cloak. It is also sometimes used during special occasions, such as weddings.


The serwal is a pair of white cotton pants worn beneath the thobe, along with a white cotton undershirt. These pants may also be worn alone as pajamas. They usually have a drawstring, elastic waistband, or both. This garment is also known as the mikasser.

Shalwar Kameez

“Shalwar” refers to the pants, and “kameez” refers to the tunic portion of this outfit. This combo is common in the Indian subcontinent. Actually, both men and women wear these long tunics over loose trousers in matching suits.


An izar is reminiscent of a sarong. It is best described as a wide band of patterned cotton cloth that is usually wrapped around the waist and tucked into place. It is worn by Muslim men in Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, parts of the Indian subcontinent, and South Asia.



Last on the list is the famous turban commonly seen on the heads of Muslim men. It is a long, rectangular piece of cloth wrapped around the head or over a skullcap. Turbans usually have various names around the world, and their folding arrangements vary by region and culture. They are traditionally worn by Muslim men in North Africa, Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries in the region.

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