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Islamic Clothing - How to Feel Beautiful Inside and Out With A Hijab

Although it is primarily a way of practicing religious obligations, wearing a hijab has become somewhat of a fashion trend, and its popularity has gone mainstream in Muslim countries. It just shows that Muslim women can still look classy, elegant, and beautiful even when their heads are covered. A hijab actually enhances your modesty and beauty, so wearing one should not hold you back from being a fashionista.

There are many ways to wear hijab and match it with different outfits. You can wear a hijab with long skirts, maxi dresses, jeans, baggy pants, and much more! In this article, you will find tips on how to wear a hijab based on the latest fashion trends, creating the perfect look for different occasions.

Wear a hijab with baggy pants and sandals

Summer can be extra hot, but you can stay cool and fashionable by styling your hijab with baggy pants and sandals. Complete your summer look with sunglasses that will make you look chic!

Style a hijab with a matching abaya

A hijab with a matching abaya will make you look elegant. This option is perfect for modest party wear. For a funkier and chic get up, wear them with sneakers and jeans. This look is great for young women, particularly those who are of college or university age.

Wear a hijab with jeans

If the pieces in your closet are primarily chosen for comfort, consider pairing your hijab with your favorite pair of jeans. This is a great way to look laid back and elegant at the same time. It’s a great workplace get-up if your office has a casual dress code as well! Pair your jeans with a nice pair of sandals if you want to dress it up a little bit or a basic pair of white sneakers to dress it down.

Style a hijab with a red sweater and black jeans

Going for a night out with your girlfriends? Styling a hijab with a red sweater and black denim pants is great for a very chic look. Complete your outfit by wearing just the right amount of makeup that will last through the night.

Experiment with a hijab street style

The hijab street style is perhaps the most popular trend these days. Style your hijab with crop pants and an oversized top for a modern and modest fashion look. You can also go for long cardigans or long vests over a shirt and jeans, which will make you look slimmer. Many Muslim fashion bloggers are popularizing this hijab street style look, and it’s time that you give it a try!

Get hijabs with different patterns

Does black dominate your wardrobe? Perhaps you only have a few pieces that pop with color. If so, getting hijabs with different patterns and designs—hijab with cheetah prints for one—will help you stay fashionable and add some visual interest to your look. You can easily wear different scarfs with the same color of dresses.

Muslim women wear hijabs to follow Allah’s commandment. Hijabs are not meant to call attention, but you can stay modest while looking great and feeling good about your style.

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