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Womens Swimwear

NEW Women's Modest Burkini

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$66.00 $51.00

NEW Women's Modest Active Burkini

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$71.00 $60.00

Women's 3pc Full Modest Swimsuit

Stay covered as you go to the beach or feel like swimming in an indoor pool. This 3-pc swimsuit is best paired with your modesty and Islamic traditions.
$86.00 $65.00

Women's Short Sleeve Mid Length Burkini

If full-coverage swimsuits are not for you, you'll love this mid-length short-sleeve Muslim burkini. Get 5% off with a newsletter sign-up at SHIC.
$86.00 $65.00

Women's Extra Long Full Burkini

Nothing is left uncovered when you wear this loose extra-long burkini. Still, it won't limit your movements or affect your comfort at the beach.

Women's Leaf Patterned Full Burkini

Swim in style with this leaf-inspired full burkini for women. It protects you from prying eyes and is lightweight enough for any swimming strokes.

Women's Sporty 3pc Burkini

This 3-pc sporty swimwear burkini blends flexibility and full coverage for your time at the beach. Check it out at SHIC and place your order!
$81.00 $66.00

Women's 2PC Burkini with Hijab

This Burkini with hijab for women comes in two-piece and gives overall coverage to your body which allow maximum movement through water. This Burkini includes top, trousers and hijab to...
$67.00 $49.00
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